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Zoho SalesIQ gives your marketing, sales, and support teams the digital customer engagement tools to communicate with every site visitor at every stage of the customer lifecycle.


3 operator licenses included *
$ 0 Monthly
  • 1 brand
  • Visitor Outlook (10,000 visitors/month)
  • 100 chat sessions/month
  • canned responses
  • Basic visitor information
  • Voice note
  • file sharing
  • mobile sdk
  • Credit card masking
  • Integration with Zoho applications
  • Integration with CMS and eCommerce platforms
  • desktop apps
  • Daily reports (scheduled)


All in FREE +
$ 10 Monthly
  • Visitor Outlook (50,000 visitors/month)
  • 1000 chat sessions/month
  • 1 custom chatbot
  • Advanced information for visitors
  • Email Signature Chat
  • Departments
  • Frequent questions
  • Articles
  • chat routing
  • chat transfer
  • group chat
  • Proactive Chat Triggers
  • Lead scoring and company score
  • Work hours
  • Brand
  • Visitor side chat history
  • "Beta" Click to call
  • audio call
  • Share screen
  • Third Party Integrations


Everything in BASIC +
$ 17 Monthly
  • Visitor Outlook (100,000 visitors/month)
  • Unlimited chat sessions
  • 5 custom chatbots
  • facebook messenger
  • instagram
  • NewWhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Telegram
  • block ip
  • Operator chat monitoring
  • Weekly and monthly reports (scheduled)
  • real time reports
  • Apple TV app


Everything in PROFESSIONAL +
$ 25 Monthly
  • Visitor Outlook (200,000 visitors/month)
  • chat translation
  • 10 custom chatbots
  • Answer Bot Zia
  • Autopilot
  • tags
  • Zia Smart Suggestions
  • Zia Company Profile Enrichment
  • Profanity management
  • Integrations with Cloud Telephony and PBX systems

Local taxes (VAT, goods and services tax, etc.) will be charged in addition to the prices mentioned.



Expand your market reach with SalesIQ. Get up close and personal with different prospects across borders and multiple sources in one place.

For every type of business and function

No matter what industry your business is in or what business function you are in, SalesIQ can help you grow while meeting all of your customer engagement plans and can improve your overall customer experience. Find out how it works for your business.

Make deals via mobile

Connect and engage with your prospects and customers on the go, wherever you are, whenever they need you. Zoho SalesIQ's robust mobile app packs all the powerful features of our software into a compact app for your phones and tablets.

In-app chat with Mobilisten, our mobile SDK

Allow your mobile app users to quickly contact you from any section of your app. Implement in-app chat support and extend all the other benefits of Zoho SalesIQ to your mobile app with Mobilisten, our mobile SDK available for Android, iOS and React Native.


Yes. Zoho SalesIQ is available in Zoho One and Zoho CRM Plus packages.

Of course he can! Log in to Zoho CRM, click the Upgrade link on the home page and follow the steps on the subscription page to switch to a new plan.

Each pricing plan has a tracking limit (10,000 visitors/month for the free plan, 50,000 visitors/month for the basic plan, 100,000 visitors/month for the professional plan, and 200,000 visitors/month for the business plan). . Once you have exceeded the visitor tracking limit specified for your plan, you can extend it with the visitor tracking plugin.

For example, if you are on the Basic plan and have already exceeded 50,000 visitors in a month, you can extend your tracking limit by an additional 100,000 by paying $100

We accept payments through Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. For annual subscriptions, you can also make payments via bank transfer or check transfer.

At the end of your 15-day trial, if you want to keep all your data, customizations, and advanced features intact, you'll need to purchase a subscription. If you choose not to continue your Zoho SalesIQ subscription after your trial ends, your account will be downgraded to our free plan, where you can continue connecting with your customers.

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan when you want to meet your business requirements in each season.

At Zoho, we take data security very seriously. That's why we've been audited for certifications to industry standards like ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 27701, and SOC 2 Type II compliance. We also comply with HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA and Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework. We have also taken steps to implement appropriate administrative, technical, and physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access, use, modification, disclosure, or destruction of customer information. Please see our security whitepaper for more information or email us at security@zohocorp.com with any questions you may have.

Operators are the agents on your team who interact and communicate with your website visitors to provide the desired solution to their questions.

Our free plan gives you 3 operator licenses and our paid plans (Basic, Professional and Business) are priced per operator. For example, if you have five support agents, you might consider our Professional plan at (US $ 12.75×5) + tax per month (billed annually).

Sell smart. Get big.

Free 15-day trial. No credit card required.